A man of many talents, Vijay Eswaran

Currently, Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, which is operating in almost 30 countries. Vijay brought himself to such a high position through hard work, determination and an impressive past. He was born in Penang, Malaysia to an Indian family. He worked as a taxi driver in early parts of his life only so he could fund his higher education himself and received a degree in Accounting and Management. After, which he worked as an information system engineer and slowly climbed the ladder of success. It all started in 1998, after the Asian financial crisis. Vijay came up with a direct selling network in the Philippines. He used e-commerce and direct selling as a combination and came up with QNET. After mounting such success, he established QI group of companies. The company currently employs 1500 people and has trained over a million entrepreneurs. Not only is he a great businessman, but he is also widely known as a famous educationalist and an author.

One of Qi’s recent project is the $300m development, which will be the new company headquarter. It will offer accommodation to QI’s top employees and will have a hospital for emergencies. As an author, Vijay has published three books on topics such as leadership and mindfulness. In his latest book “Two minutes from the abyss,” Vijay talks about necessary lifestyle changes one needs to make to have a healthy and prosperous life. He shares humorous stories and teaches his audience how to take control of their lives. His primary focus remains training young minds even through his books. It sold half a million copies. He is also a speaker at global conventions that deal with world economics and leadership. He has also managed to grab some of the most honorable world recognitions such as the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship.