Jana Lightspeed impact to the commercial sector

Her role and investment

Jana Lightspeed is a partner and an associate of the customer investing team at Lightspeed Venture Partners. It is a capital company which concentrates on future investments in ventures and technology sector. Her portfolio comprises of consumers, technology and cleantech markets. She focuses on all stages of firms without favoring any and incubation. The entrepreneur uses her skills and experience in financing debts. It is done for improving the approaches which will lead to success. Besides her involvement in finance, she is a co-owner of ANGELS. It is an investment firm which is committed to ensuring women succeed in their startup platforms.

Her investments and background

Jana Lightspeed comprises of several portfolios across different sectors such as Cameo, Color, and Winnie. Before working at Lightspeed, she utilized several years investing and offering advice to startup firms. She also operated in Netflix as the executive manager. In this rank, she had a mandate in strategic partnerships and enterprise sales. Over the years, she has had a past in history and education concerning technology. However, she decided to use her knowledge to prosper in the capital sector as her passion lies there. The entrepreneur enjoys hosting events and holding conversations to develop society.

Her education background and interests

Jana Lightspeed pursued her studies from The University of Illinois where she graduated with a degree in computer engineering. She likes to diversify in networks and promote women in top positions in firms. A trend that excites her is the Bird Scooter Company. It is because the app offers society access to share electric vehicles. They can be picked and dropped in any destination. A habit that makes her useful as a businesswoman is through taking notes. Ideas originate from anywhere; hence she keeps a record to ensure she does not forget. An approach that she uses to help her develop in business is by assisting people and being kind.