Betsy DeVos: The Woman Changing The Face Of Education In America

Education is one of the most important things for the development of society. It is the backbone of progress and growth, and something that should be enforced as much as possible. In spite of the ample educational opportunities that the United States presents itself with, the educational system has not been doing so well these past few years. The system has faced its share of ups and downs, and the children of America are the ones who have to face the brunt of this situation.



Because of how important good education is for the progress of America, Betsy DeVos decided that this would be the array that she focuses on. She has always had strong views and opinions about the education system, and these strong views are what has led her to be in the position of change that she is in today.



One of the first educational movements that Betsy DeVos came forward in support of was the School Charter Movement. This was the place where DeVos decided that she would lead the charge towards a better country and a better educational system. The thing that inspired DeVos to go on and become a part of this school charter movement was seeing the condition that public schools in America were in. The public school system in America is dependent on taxpayers money. This means that they only have a limited amount to support the funding that the school needs, and all the facilities that children are provided with. Sometimes, this amount that is allocated is not enough to give the children with proper facilities, especially if the school has a more significant intake. Children need a range of facilities to develop their skills and talents, and one of the only ways in which the school system can have ample funds is if they allow private investors to help out, thereby converting institutions across America to charter schools.



After taking on the position as the Education Minister to the company, DeVos has been working to see her goals to fruition. She has actively implemented a number of changes to the school system in America so as to improve their functioning and to ensure that children have a bright future in front of them.



Her position within the Government is not the only way in which DeVos helps out the education system in the country. She also tries to help out by donating her own money to schools and students who need opportunities for development. Philanthropy has always been a big part of her life, which is why she decided to start up the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization focused on charitable ventures. The organization also had a special Education Freedom Fund that was instituted mainly with the idea of providing scholarships to children all over America.



Even though there are still two more years that DeVos will be in the position of Education Minister to America, she has already been able to achieve so much in a short span of time, which is why people are incredibly hopeful for the future of the education system in America.


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