Bruno Fagali and His Involvement With Pushing for Transparency Among Breweries

For all intents and purposes, we should say here that Brazil right now has an active legal practice and culture. However, there are many challenges right now in regards to employing the kind of laws, ordinances, and statutes that make sure that its society gets the different ethical guidelines that are necessary for Brazil. Fortunately, Brazil has people like Bruno Fagali, the Brazilian attorney who specializes in Ethics, Compliance Law, and Urban Law. With his expertise, he is able to help companies ensure that they practice ethical procedures and he makes sure that the people are informed of their legal consumer rights.

The Cereals In Beer Issue

One of the many issues we can flesh out about the practice of Bruno Fagali is the new ordinance in Brazil that states that all breweries should state the ingredients in their beer, especially the “cereals” ingredient, should be conspicuously divulged. No company can ever succeed by being misleading. Bruno Fagali agrees that a company can only get the following it needs by making sure that they are transparent with their products, as well as the materials used for such procedure.

With the new statute that protects people in Brazil against misinformation on “cereals” as an ingredient in beer, many people can make a better-informed decision on whether they should purchase the product. The court ruling on this also added that the composition of the beer should be made even clearer, more accurate and overt. The price and warranty expiration should also be indicated for the benefit of the consumer. The breweries who don’t abide by such policy would be sentenced to an appropriate penalty for the discouragement of others to follow such path and to know more

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is the lawyer in Brazil who shows the expertise and resilience to help a lot of people in the country to prevent misinformation from companies and different abuse on their power. With his involvement with some law firms in 2006, he is able to help more companies get their moral grounding and help consumers get the right information to protect themselves from malicious companies.