Chainsmokers On Top Of The World After Records Are Broken

The Chainsmokers have been on top of the world for quite some time. They remain on top even though it has been 9 months since they have released a single. For them, that is a long time. They were used to releasing something nearly monthly so waiting for nine months to release something was a long time. While in NYC for a special event sponsored by American Express and Hilton, the duo sat down to have someone on one time to give an interview.

During the interview, the duo was asked what led them to where they are today. What started out as an opening band for others had turned them into what they are today. A number one, top charting band. In recent months, Chainsmokers had released “Sick Boy”, a noticeably darker single than most other releases.

The Chainsmokers think about all the things that have endured and what others say about them. It is this frustration that helps them to write the hits that they write. They create music from their life story and what people take from it is open to their own interpretation. They are like any other person, they endure hardships as well. The only difference is that they use it to create a top selling, top charting hit.

In the latest single, the song is wrapped more around personal darkness and their struggles unlike many other artists who focus on political matters and the things that are going on in the world. The song is about them as well as about the world. The duo thinks about the fact that technology has opened up a whole new world. The use of Instagram has allowed others to discover who it is that they actually want to be. Even though for some, Instagram is about checking in, discovering what your friends are up to and keeping up with current trends, there are those people who do take the app much more serious. The truth of the matter is, it is still reality.

In the last two years, the duo have broken a lot of records and this has caused the pair to hold themselves to a very high standard and is helping to push them to a whole new level.