Dick Devos and the Grand Rapids Skyline

In a world that seems to be consumed with greed, it is refreshing to hear the story of Dick Devos. As a long time member of the Grand Rapids community, Devos has long been interested in securing the long term vitality of the city. Early on, this involved using his business influence to ensure that the public was not saddled with debt and buildings that lacked in purpose. In return, he worked with other civic leaders from across the region to come up with a vision for the city that would last for generations. That legacy is already firmly secured with the opening of a civic center, performing arts building, and much more.


Many people might be familiar with Dick Devos as the former CEO of the Amway Corporation. This is only one of the many corporate hats he has worn through the years, each of which have helped shaped him into the leader that he is today. Believing that wealth is only useful if it is used wisely, he has long embarked on a targeted and focused mission of philanthropy. He has done this without becoming overly political, although he is an active contributor and supporter of the Republican Party. He is concerned about the plight of lower income residents in the Grand Rapids area, and he also donates to numerous other causes around the globe.


Dick is married to Betsy, and their decades long relationship together is built on trust and a partnership that is rather refreshing. This desire to help others and use their good fortune to benefit society is the glue that has bound them together. Dick has long supported Betsy’s work in the education sector, and has strove to developed a more competitive schooling landscape in Michigan and across the country. His entire family has gotten involved in these various efforts along the way, further securing their lasting legacy.


Looking through various news accounts of the work that he is doing, Dick would be the first to remind everyone that his work is not done. While he has cut back on many of his business obligations, his sense of civic responsibility has only increased. He was recently appointed to a government advisory board for air transportation issues, and he continues to be involved in community outreach efforts through Grand Rapids. His work in the volunteer government sector is an area that is new to him, but he has embraced it with the same vigor that he has nearly everything in his life to this point.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/news/.