Fabletics Personalizing Shopping Experience for New Age Women

The modern consumers are today looking for products and services that offer complete value for money regarding the not only quality of products, but also customer service, durability, brand recognition, and overall customer experience. In the world of athleisure products, many companies have flooded the market in the past decade. However, one of the companies that stand out from the crowd is Fabletics. Its sales have been soaring from the time it opened to the market, and it is primarily due to its focus on providing consumers with an overall satisfying experience, not only regarding the affordability of the products it offers, but also customer experience, brand recognition, e-commerce personalization, and more.


Fabletics offers most of its products at a price that is half of its most competitive rival, and that has given it an upper hand in the market. The combination of quality and affordability never goes wrong with the consumers, and Fabletics has ensured that it creates a balance that is well-recognized by the consumers. The efforts of the company have given positive results, especially with its innovative marketing techniques, for which Fabletics is highly known for. It has a subscription-based sales model that is mutually beneficial for the customers as well as the company. It gives the customers a personalized shopping experience and helps the company to offer the customers exactly what they want. The women who don’t like to scroll through thousands of product to find one yoga pants can get the product line customized for them e-mailed to them each month. They can easily choose from the e-mail that the company sends what they want, and the products would be delivered to their doorstep.


It has made the lives of customers easy, and it is such marketing model that is now being implemented by many other brands as well. Fabletics also managed to successfully and efficiently implement reverse showroom technique on a large scale, which helped in enhancing the brand reputation considerably. One of the primary reasons why the company was able to do so was because the customers were supporting the brand and its sales were soaring, and it made sense to penetrate the market further at the time when the brand was growing. It helped the company many more VIP members and also make it outreach broader in the target market. Customers who want to experience what Fabletics has to offer can visit their official website and take the lifestyle quiz as well.