How Dick DeVos is Able To Maintain a Structured Life

One of the main differences between people who make a lot of progress and those who do not get anywhere is that one of them has structure. Dick DeVos is one of the people who has managed to get somewhere. One thing that he has learned from his father is how to bring about structure. He has also made it a point to decide on his own path and not let anyone else dictate what he is going to do. He came up with plans for what he is going to do to reach any goals he has. He stuck closely with them too.


Dick DeVos’s structure is what enabled him to take on some large tasks like being an owner of the Orlando Magic franchise. He has managed to do all of this while being a good husband and father to his family. He has also instilled his values in his children and taught them how they can pursue and even achieve their goals. He has maintained a reasonable approach to raising his children. This is one of the reasons that he has managed to keep his family close. He not only shows a lot of patience for his family but also shows examples of how he goes about his life.


One of the ways that Dick DeVos keeps structure in his life is that he remembers what he has to do and sets them aside for a certain time in the day. This is one of the most important things for people to do if they want to experience higher levels of success. There are ways to take some of the most intimidating goals and break them down so that they are manageable. This involves task management and also time management. People who can achieve both aspects of this are going to be very successful.


Dick DeVos has a rich past that is filled with business successes and even involvements in the government. His wife, Betsy DeVos, is holding office where she is working with children in making sure that they get the best education in safe environments. Dick DeVos is involved in philanthropic acts with his charity foundation. While he does not offer anyone hand outs, he does give people opportunities to learn the skills they need to fish for themselves. This is the type of help that works the best for people. At the same time, he is very generous with his resources.


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