How Madison Street Capital Helped Napolean Machine

International investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital has yet again accomplished something nothing short of amazing. The firm was recently chosen to act as the sole advisor for the purpose of helping the company arrange their very own credit facility. Napolean Machine was founded eight years ago, and since that time the company has been researching opportunities for their growth and expansion. The primary goal of the machining company was to be viewed as a company that would be the “go to” for adding value to other companies.


The need for secondary services has long been a need within the metals and machining industry, specifically for medium to large size steel components. Although the credit is offered by Napolean Machine, the facilitation of credit has been offered by Sterling Commercial Credit. The arrangement is the pinnacle of achievement for Madison Street Capital, according to the CEO, Charles Botchway. Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director, was also a catalyst in this transaction, overseeing the arrangement from start to finish.


Petersen was well aware that this arrangement would not only be a great accomplishment for Madison Street Capital, but this was also a key move for the industry. There is a need to fill the gap for operating capital in the steel industry, and it offers more room for growth for the Napolean Machine as a whole. The secret of success in this arrangement is largely due to what CEO Kevin Febrey believes is the willingness of Petersen to hear the story. Recently in an article, Febrey suggested that the reason things ended up so well is because everyone involved from Madison Street Capital took the time to hear the whole story about the inception of Napolean Machine, as well as how they grew, and how they ended up on the map within the steel industry.


Learning more about a capital driven industry is the key to understanding the impact that a credit facility can have. Napolean Machine wanted to offer this and add it to their own portfolio, making them a sounding board and advisor to others that they serve. Although there are some standard steps to building a credit facility, creative strategies were developed by advisors from Madison Street Capital to aid in the completion of the arrangement and successful launch of the facility.


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