How Securus Technologies Keeps Prison Facilities Safer

Each day that I am scheduled to work at the local prison, I know that me and my fellow officers have to work harder than the day before to make sure everyone is safe. Violence inside the jail has reached an all-time high, and to keep things orderly, we have to constantly be changing our approach of the inmates will simply take over our facility. The unique blending of overcrowded conditions and easy accessibility to things like drugs and weapons have my team at a significant disadvantage.


Every year the jail gets more crowded, yet my staff of officers remains the same. In order to keep things flowing seamlessly, my team must take advantage of resources that are afforded to us. Luckily, technology has been advancing at breakneck speeds in recent years, and this year we found out how that technology could help in our efforts to keep our facility safe.


Securus Technologies developed a modern telephone monitoring system that is currently being utilized in over two thousand of the most dangerous jails in the country. The system makes use of the LBS software that will scan calls by the inmates and be able to detect verbiage pertaining to things like weapons, violence, drugs, or even contraband. Instead of tying up the limited amount of officers on duty, these officers get back on the front lines and are notified by way of alerts if anything of concern has been detected.


If inmates think they can disguise their conversations concerning contraband, the LBS software can still isolate calls of concerns and bring them to the attention of my team. Each time conversations related to anything illegal are picked up, my team now has the opportunity to spring to action before the situation becomes a reality. Our incidents of violence in this jail have already dropped drastically.