Inside Who Alex Pall Is

Alex Pall, half of the duo of Chainsmokers, has recently been expressing himself in various ways. The first way is through the music he and Andrew Taggert, the second half of Chainsmokers, produce. Alex started out by DJing as a hobby in New York, yet after meeting Taggert he knew he needed to give Chainsmokers a proper try and the rest is history. Yet Pall and Taggert didn’t want to be a faceless group that their fans couldn’t relate to. Usually Chainsmoker relies on songwriters and vocalists to merge the electronic soundscape Pall and Taggert produce, but in their 2016 hit Closer featuring Halsey, Taggert will be singing himself. This has been a big step towards Chainsmokers goal of creating a level of intimacy between their music and themselves. This goal has been the main motivation in Pall working with songwriters, he’s trying to create 10-12 songs that really nail down who he is today. Although, part of his identity can be shown in his Hollywood hill home he bought two years ago which was built in the 1930’s.

Pall’s entire house had this eclectic theme surrounding it, which speaks to the complex personality of Pall himself. Pall had nature-themed wallpaper installed and added an orange-velvet couch in his family room, going for an interior-jungle theme. Pall’s bedroom has always been his chalet, his escape in the hills, so Ms. Lau, Pall’s chosen New York interior designer, imitated aged European interior by placing a piano in it’s own little “moment”. She also softened the space with lightweight painted velvet. Lau sought to create a unique environment for each individual space, so she incorporated Pall’s own contemporary art collection with bold colors and mixed decades. Lastly, in Pall’s kitchen is a neon sign that followed him on stage to his first television performance on Saturday Night Live