Kamil Idris: The Recognition of Artists and Creators

Kamil Idris was the former director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, serving from 1997 to 2008. Throughout his career as the organization’s director general, he highlighted the importance of intellectual properties in the lives of the people and the development of a nation. One of his most famous messages was created in 2008, released in time for the 2008 World Intellectual Property Day. His message conveyed his thoughts about the protection of intellectual properties around the world, and because of the message’s positive nature, many proponents are supporters of intellectual properties have used his speech to highlight its importance in today’s society. The World Intellectual Property is being celebrated every April 26, and in his message, Kamil Idris thanked dozens of governments and organizations which are joining their movement. The movement has not lost its momentum even in the present day, as more and more governments and organizations are becoming well informed about its importance and they are now joining the World Intellectual Property Organization.



For Kamil Idris, it is essential that everyone should be informed about the importance of intellectual property. He stated that the efforts of the World Intellectual Property Organization should not be put in vain, and the supporters of the organization should do their part in disseminating educational information about the practice of protecting intellectual properties. He also highlighted its importance in every aspect of life, from science and technology down to culture and tradition. He also stated that without the protection of intellectual properties, many inventions would not be possible, and many scientific breakthroughs would never have been published.



The World Intellectual Property Organization, according to Kamil Idris, is dedicated to protecting and promoting human creativity. He highlighted how humans had harnessed its skills and abilities to create wonders are masterpieces that have survived for so many years. He also stated how human creativity transformed through the ages, beginning from cave paintings to the invention of the internet. He also expressed that the World Intellectual Property Organization is committed to paying tributes to hard-working artists and creators who deserved to be recognized around the world.