Matthew Fleeger: the Entrepreneur and Tycoon who’s taking the Family Business to Greater Heights

Matthew Fleeger is both the president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC, which is located in Dallas, Fort Worth Area. This is a company that deals with domestic oil and gas reserves. The company collaborates with other investors in the oil and gas industry where they bring in their resources and experience to help steer the industry forward. All investors are well informed about the risks and benefits that come with the business. Fleeger has been the CEO of GCW since 2007. He went to Southern Methodist University where he studied BBA, Finance, and Marketing and graduated in 1986.

Under his leadership, the company has been doing well. They look for enterprises that have good and high returns and very minimal risks. The company attributes their success to their accredited partners, with whom they have had very transparent relationships over the years. The company is also operational in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. GCW owns 13 producing wells, 140 defined drilling locations with over thirty million barrels of oil. It is partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Orbit Energy Partners, Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd and others.

Recently, Gulf Coast Western got into a contract with Warhorse Oil and Gas. Some part of the agreement was that gulf coast western will be operating many of the development wells and the acquired producing wells which include, Zachry Exploration, Endeavor NG, LLOX, Union Gas as well as Neumin Production.

Matthew Fleeger also founded MedSolutions Inc, which deals with transportation and treatment of medical waste, produced by healthcare companies. Again, he helped found two enterprises; Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Both of them have a revenue of a hundred million dollars. Fleeger is also involved in philanthropic activities. The well-known tycoon and entrepreneur recently teamed up with an 11-year-old Sadie Keller, who owns the north Texas-based non-profit organization called the Sadie Keller Foundation. Together they provide support for children battling with cancer and their families too.