Organo Coffee and Ganoderma Mushrooms

Organo Coffee is a type of coffee which is premium, gourmet and organic in nature. Organo Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee is one of the coffee brands Organo Coffee sells. It is a rich medium coffee that is dark arabica roast black coffee that is also organic. It’s ingredients feature Ganoderma Mushrooms. These mushrooms have many antioxidants and nutrients in them. Organo Coffee blends these tiny mushroom spores into their coffee. These can help to boost the immune system of one’s body. Full flavor and an immune system boost came with each enjoyable cup. Follow Organo Gold on

The dark roast arabica coffee that Organo Coffee uses is from Brazil. It is an instant type of coffee which is easy to mix. In the field of Chinese Herbal Research Organic Ganoderma spores have been used for very many years. Some of the substances found in these mushroom spores are called triterpenes. They are also found in cranberries, apples and honey. Fifty of these triterpenes are found in these organic mushrooms.


Another type of coffee which Organo Gold Coffee sells is a Gourmet Black Coffee. It is a medium dark roast coffee. It uses arabica beans from Brazil and robusta beans from Indonesia. This coffee is also an easily mixed instant type of coffee. It also contains mushrooms which make it a good source of antioxidants. Ganoderma lucidum is contained in this coffee. It is also known as Red Reishi Mushroom. This type of mushrooom has been used for 2000 years for it’s health benefits. Read the reviews at