Recognized Investor and Philanthropist Jacob Gottlieb Was Once A Medical Doctor

Jacob Gottlieb won an award while he was in high school for picking successful stocks, and ever since then he had the desire to get into the investing business. Today, he is the proud owner of Visium Asset Management and operates as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. While Jacob is an accomplished investor today, this is not where he actually started out in his career.


Coming out of high school, Jacob Gottlieb decided to go to college and study medicine, rather than business or finances. One of the biggest influences for this was because his father was a medical practitioner at the time, and he was inspired to be like him. After earning his medical degree and completing his internship, Jacob went on to work under his father and build his medical skills. Despite this, it wasn’t what he actually dreamed of doing from day to day. Instead, his mind was on investing and being an entrepreneur. This is why he decided to save money and learn as much as he could while working with his father so that he could start up his own company, which he did with the help of his father.


The rest is history, now Jacob is an accomplished investor with an 8 million dollar hedge fund under his name and various accomplishments as an entrepreneur. Alongside his investing work, Jacob Gottlieb is a dedicated philanthropist, taking the time to help out the community whenever he can, especially in New York. Robin Hood is a non-profit organization in New York that is helping fight the high level of poverty that still exists. There are close to 1.8 million people living in New York that fit into this category. Jacob Gottlieb wants to help make the city a more habitable place for everyone and continually uses his success to help others through charity work.