Robert Diegnan`s background and Lifestyle

Robert Diegnan was born and bred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His prowess in sports, football to be specific, bugged him an opportunity to join the Purdue University on a full football scholarship, where he graduated with a Bachelor`s in Organizational Leadership. In 1997, Robert and his friend launched the Fanlink, Inc., a venture that didn’t do so well. This forced him to try a hand in employment which he pursued till 2011, when he co-founded ATS digital services.

About ATS digital Services

ATS digital services is a remote digital consultancy company that helps solve all technological problems facing consumers. From general troubleshooting to connectivity issues and other computer related challenges, ATS will always provide the solution remotely.

Where did Robert get the idea to start ATS?

Before launching ATS, Robert Diegnan and his partner used to work at an anti-malware company, and that where the idea to launch the company spawned. The company was experienced some challenges while installing their software on the users machines. After conversing with the users, Robert and company discovered that availability of malware products in the subject machines, blocked the installation of the anti-malware product.

This prompted the idea, which bore the ATS Company. We decided to remotely connect the user`s machines to one of our in house technical agents who helped us remove the malware. After days of applying the new strategy, Robert started seeing good results and even earned extra coins from the venture. Robert Diegnan and his partner later resigned from the anti- malware company and went to try out the new found opportunity, hence the launch of ATS digital company.

Robert Diegnan`s typical day

Being a CEO, of one of America`s leading digital companies, Robert always has to manage his time well. He wakes up at 5:15AM every morning and immediately hops into the gym for about an hour. He then retreats back to his home, and takes a cup of coffee as he meditates on how to make his day more productive, He the leaves his house at 8AM and gets to the office at about 8:20 AM depending on the traffic.

He spends the first part of the day analyzing the previous day`s activities and summarizing any unfinished business. He then spends the rest of his days strategizing with his partners, consulting with his technical team-lawyers and accountants and supervising his employees. He then goes back home at around 8 PM.