Ronald Fowlkes Life as Former Member of St. Louis SWAT Team

The United States Army Airborne School is a popular training center for basic paratrooper training exclusive for the U.S armed forces. However, it is commonly referred to as Army Jump School, and this is the exact place where Ronald Fowlkes dreams came true. Throughout his life serving the U.S, he was an outstanding member of the St. Louis Police department where he additionally served as a team leader in the SWAT group. However, his life does not revolve around his police and military career alone. He is a professional in the field of design and development. He also plays a vital role in the delivery of high-end gear for officers throughout the armed services via FirstSpear – a company where he serves as the Director of Business Development.


Before joining FirstSpear, Ronald Fowlkes held senior positions in other companies such as ITW, where he served as a Business Development Manager specializing in Military products sales. Additionally, he held a managerial position at Eagle Industries where he specifically provided services pertaining to business development. Accordingly, his previous experiences showed great potential and experience that made him very qualified to join FirstSpear so he could help in the achievement of set goals and missions.


Ronald Fowlkes derived his drive to venture into business-related supplies when serving in the U.S Marine Corps. Occasionally, he spotted FirstSpear equipment in the military gear. The design was exceptional and it had the ability to withstand the rigors it was put through. However, it was not until he joined SWAT that he decided to pay close attention, after spotting the same equipment, especially with the information that it was locally built in his hometown. Today, he remains an important part of the company since he is responsible for the marketing of innovative designs and products of First Spears Product Development Group.


A deeper look at the life of Ronald Fowlkes shows a man who lives an ordinary life each day. Just like other family people, he has to juggle between personal activities and office jobs. In the morning, he carries out his fatherly duties by seeing off his kids to school before proceeding to work. Once settled in the office, he pays attention to any phone messages or emails and also negotiates with his team so as to deliberate on pressing issues and activities. Accordingly, there is cohesiveness and teamwork – basic requirements for achieving the set goals.


For Ronald Fowlkes to remain productive and successful as an entrepreneur, he writes down almost everything in his booklet or flashcards. Accordingly, he is always on track with his achievements. When he is away from home and work, Ronald spends his time positively out there enjoying hockey. Besides being a huge fan, he is a professional coach for a youth league.