Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex healthcare is recognized as one of the top independent living facilities in the United Kingdom–having earned double accreditation and several awards. And big reason for their success is the quality of care that they offer their residents who range from the elderly to those who suffer with mental disabilities and debilitating diseases.

They are known for designing specialized plans for each of their residents which include nutritional and fitness goals. In fact, Sussex Healthcare has recently added on a gym to its 20 locations around the United Kingdom. And it features several state of the art pieces of equipment. Residents who have mobility can use the weights and walk on the treadmills. Other residents who have physical handicaps can exercise in the pool and experience improvements in their posture. After a hard workout, residents can also take a dip in the hot tub. What’s more, residents can also exercise with the guidance of their own personal trainers who design a workout plan for them and customize their nutrition plan.

Sussex has been in operation for over 20 years, with its doors officially opening in 1984. However, it most recently announced that it would be making big changes in the company. Not only would it be hiring new members of the staff, but it had also appointed a new CEO for the company. Her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor and they expect that with her skills, the company will be able to make changes that are revolutionary.

Taylor has had a long run in the healthcare field. She started her career in the 80s and first started as a mental health nurse. Since then, she has managed to develop the skill set needed to improve upon the quality of this facility. In fact, Taylor wasted no time within the first few months of being in her official role. She visited every location of Sussex Healthcare.

She wanted to get to know more about the members of the staff. She wanted to meet with the residents and find out what were their concerns. She wanted to speak with the relatives of the residents so that she could answer their questions. She plans to use this information to make the company an even better service provider than it is right now.

Over the years, Sussex has worked with a variety of people. They have also helped to treat several different illnesses. Its newest change is a step towards serving these individuals and the rest of the community with excellence and creativity.

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