The Aspire Apartment Building in New Brunswick

Anyone familiar with the Boraie Development LLC knows of how they’ve successfully managed to turn New Brunswick into a modernized city brick by brick; a process that took decades to achieve. Under the aegis of Mr. Boraie, the company has also managed to venture into other aspects of real estate and beyond. These include sales and marketing as well as property management among other fields.

The Aspire

Whenever you are looking for a luxurious resident in New Jersey in New Brunswick, then look no further than the aspire tower. Designed and put up by Boraie development, the area consists of a total of 238 apartments which come in the form of studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Simply put, there’s just about everything for everyone. You can also book the apartments that come with terrace and balconies especially if you’d like to have a more intimate experience with the remarkable view.

For security, there is a doorman on the lobby station around the clock as well as all amenities that anyone could ask for. The building also has private parking for each resident. Inside each of the apartments are 9 to 10-foot ceilings, spacious rooms, and well-polished hardwood floors. The place also comes with a breathtaking view which consists of a fantastic backdrop of the harmonious coexistence of trees and concrete.

Shaquille O’Neal Ventures into Real Estate

Besides being one of the most notable sports icons of this generation, Shaquille O’Neal has also managed to make incredibly smart business moves. Despite making countless appearances on TV and radio, the retired basketball legend has also made a point of investing back home. His way of doing so was partnering with Boraie Developments in a bid to upgrade the houses in his and by extension, improve the living standards of the residents.

The sports personality has recently caused a buzz after announcing a real estate development partnership with Boraie Development LLC. His goal is to rebuild his hometown, and according to him, there aren’t that many real estate firms that have done what Boraie Development LLC has done. Shaquille O’Neal has had other real estate deals before. But this one is arguably the biggest and the most exciting he’s ever been involved in. It’s safe to assume that good things are going to come out of this urban development deal which will make the world a much better place.