The Inspiration Behind Waiakea Water

Every huge and successful company comes from some kind of inspiration. In the case of Waiakea, the inspiration was in Hawaii. A man by the name of Ryan Emmons has found that he has a special kind of water that he has been drinking while in Hawaii. One thing that he has noticed is that the water has all of the right ingredients. Another thing that he has noticed is that the water has health benefits that go beyond the regular type of water. For one thing, people can drink the water that he has been drinking in Hawaii in huge amounts and still maintain the amount of electrolytes they need to function.

Knowing that very few bottled water companies enable people to maintain such high levels of health that Hawaii volcanic water allows, Ryan has decided that he is going to find a way to bring the water to people in various countries. This has resulted in the founding of Waiakea. With Waiakea, the water that has been gained has been gathered from the aquifer that is in the mountains. Afterwards, the water is then shipped off to stores for people to enjoy it. People who use Waiakea water for replenishment are going to experience a deeper sense of refreshment.


Ryan Emmons has not only started a really good water company, but has also taken part in some of the best methods of marketing. Therefore, a ton of people have learned about the water company and the type of products it offers. Knowing the potential benefits that the products offer makes it easier for people to know where to go when they want healthier forms of water. The water that is contained in a bottle of Waiakea is very clean for one thing. Therefore, people do not have to worry about taking in contaminants that could be bad for the stomach.